Olivier Toma born in 1965, in Paris, self-taught, committed artist, paints for more than 25 years by borrowing from the nature its pigments. It is a full plastics technician, passionate about artwork, fascinated by cavepaintings; he works as well the paint as the India ink.

 Since his first exhibition in 2002 in The Hague, Olivier Toma's paintings were very regularly exhibited in France and in Europe. Throughthe painting he expresses feelings and intuitions, he tries to stimulate our senses through his works, he likes melting spices for fawn colors or cocoa or coffee, collected according to his far away journeys, for degraded chestnuts: "I mix products which do not like each other necessarily. I harmonize them.".

 His monumental artworks, full of energy, changeable, are the fusion of the abstract art and the calligraphy, in some cases inspired by the oriental, Latin or Hebraic writings. His personal commitment for the sustainable development and the health leads him to look for new gestures and for new materials, which he integrates into his creations. In his "laboratory" in Béziers, he produces hisown paper based on vegetables and on his palette we find volcano ground, spices or tobacco… Olivier Toma, prolix artist, arrives at a global and natural creation, a "paw" in the previous history of the earth.

In 2014, he crosses the borders of Europe and showcases for the first time in New York ART EXPO.




SIAC, Marseille, France