To paint it is to pass on. Pass on a state to be, feelings, ideas, positive and friendly things and also pass on the result of our real-life experiences. To paint, it is to share. The life is made by sharing and by transmission; the paint is the reflection of the human life, the social relationships and their multiple interactions. To paint is an opportunity!

I have already realized more than 600 paintings; it delays me discovering hundred next ones. My creation is multiple and multicultural, it is strongly marked by the spirituality and the symbolism, what I painted is passed on to me, often I feel as guided, we can call that the Inspiration. I try to reconcile people through calligraphic body languages borrowed from the Hebraic, Latin, oriental directories, all stemming from the same origin. I like associating the materials of today, anchored in their time, but also those of yesterday who have a story to be told. I do not need natural light to paint; I sometimes paint in the darkness to the light of a single candle. The titles that I give to my paintings are very important because they also convey my message, it is the way for me to interrogate me so much that of call out the public.

 I like creating to order for a private individual, an organization or a brand. I like creating series on themes, on questioning, trying to bring it my answers and to arouse those of the observers. I am a committed man and it is possible that one day I take a political way to take forward the ideas, which mean a lot to me by concrete actions.

 In a closer future, because I often share my moments of creation with my circle of acquaintances to transmit this mode of expression, I have the project to set up in my region an event that would be a friendly place of artistic meetings around the contemporary plastic arts.